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massacres. these scenes of bloodshed and death, finally have vanished from the west at the time our story opens the great white father in washington, has acted in the indian's behalf. the pipe of peace has been smoked and solemn treaties made. which gurantee forever the rights and property of the redman. he has been given large grants of land on which to live. regular shipments of supplies to provide for his needs. and law and order in his territory is being maintained by the presence of united states troops. for a long period, the indians lived contentedly and in harmony. then one day, a smoke signal appears in the sky. a signal for which many centuries has been the indians telegraph. his means of transmitting a message across the miles. on this particular day, the message from a far
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was of importance to tonto. friend and faithful companion of the lone ranger. to quick puffs. that's your sign, tonto. come from cheyenne country. must be from chief swift eagle. chief swift eagle good friend. see what him want. he says that it's important to see you right away, but he doesn't say why. ah, chief swift eagle, have plenty good reason or him not send for, tonto. me signal, me go. we find him on washita reservation. then
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you better be on your way. you not come, kimosabe? no, tonto, i wanted to visit father bautista at his mission. he may have some news for me. when me see you again? i'll meet you at the big cave on the washita river in two days. you go on, i'll break up camp. me hurry see what friend want. tonto? yes, kimosabe? they're stricter around the reservations these days. be sure to report to the indian agent in charge there. me see him first thing.
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you last passed this way. yes it has. thank you. where's tonto? he went to see his friend, chief swift eagle. on the washita reservation. the washita? why, yes. something wrong, father? i hope he doesn't meet with trouble. trouble? what kind of trouble? the army has issued orders, that any indians found of their reservations, south of the simonon river, are known as renegades. renegades? yes. and they are to be exiled to the florida everglades. why those disease infested swamps would kill a northern indian in less then a week. i know. why, father? what's the reason behind it all? oh, inspector! here's someone who can tell you about it. good morning, father. this is inspector williams from the department of indian affairs. uh, what, uh... don't let the mask cause
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you any concern, inspector. this is the lone ranger. the lone ranger. say, i have heard a lot about you. glad to meet you, inspector. father bautista, has told me about the order exiling the indians from their homes. well, that ordered was issued to protect the food and supplies we send to the indians. what do you mean? we aren't getting through. they've been attacked? that's right, the renegade indians. they slaugher the drivers and take the supplies. you're positive it's done by indians? that's the report from one of our own agents, jim lackey. yes, he should know. but to call any indian found off the reservation a renegade? oh, that was the army's idea not ours. i see. now you see why i was concerned about, tonto. i'll see to it that nothing happens to tonto. i'll start for the washita, right away. do you mind if i ride along with you? i'm on a tour of inspection. that's where i'm going. glad to have you, inspector. bye, father. adios, father, and many
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thanks for your hospitality. you are most welcome. thank you. ♪ good luck my friends. ♪ ♪ where have you been, bollen? i've been sitting on fish hooks all day waiting for you. what's eating you, lackey? did you and your cut throats raid that supply train that's coming in? no. didn't know there was one. ah, that's a relief. something wrong lackey? you bet there is. we've got to layoff for awhile. the indian bureau is burying its head off. you think they are getting wise? no. they still think it's renegade indians. well then, what have we got to worry about? this letter from washington. just one more raid and there's gonna be a special investigation. that wouldn't be so good. if anyone came snooping around here, they might found out that me and my boys are desertors.
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what do you mean might? now, we've got to take it easy and let some of those supplies get through. at least until things cool off a little. hold it. how. what's your business, indian? me come to washita. see, chief swift eagle. what do you want with, swift eagle? him old friend. make pow wow. you got your own rations? me got food. that's a good thing. grub is too scarce around here these days to be feeding stray indians. you have plenty food soon. pass supply train on way here. glad to hear it. ought to be good news for swift eagle and his outfit. what do you call yourself? me tonto. not cheyenne. come from north.
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alright, you can go now. you'll find swift eagle at camp four miles up the line. wait a minute, indian. what did you say your name was? me, tonto. that's all. something mighty familiar about that indian. ah, all indian's look alike. maybe, but i've seen him before. see ya later.
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on many moons now, my people hungry. many of them weak, sick. must have food. white man's medicine to make them well again. that why me send for you, tonto. in hope you and your good friend, the lone ranger, will help. kimosabe, help swift eagle's people. him good friend. but you say you not see him until tomorrow. that right. maybe too late then. supply train now one days ride away. will be in blue canyon by next sunrise. that where pack made. that not good. swift eagle's indian agent lackey protect supplies. but they no get here. now time come for, swift eagle to act. get supply train with best warriors. that bad, swift eagle. indian agent make big trouble if you go off reservation. him not know what we do until wagon arrive safe. maybe men
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with wagons think you renegades and start battle. swift eagle think of that. but also think of my people, who starve and die. we watch wagon from hills. show ourselves only if attack made. you come, tonto? tonto ride with good friend swift eagle. oh, he come. there's the spot i was to meet, tonto. but it seems that someone else got there first. looks like an army patrol. yes, could be a detachment from, fort mason. looking for renegades. hope they don't take your friend tonto for a renegade. if they meet up with him. tonto will be careful. i wasn't to meet him until tomorrow. well, inspector, we'll camp up the line. the soldiers may be gone
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by morning. then, i'll come back and meet, tonto. come on, silver. him in fort dodds about a year ago. well? he's the indian who rides with the lone ranger. lone ranger? are you sure? positive. we can't have him snooping around here. he might bring in his masked friend. yeah. that masked man might be here even now. well, what do we do? we're gonna have a talk with that indian. come on. that night, bollen and lackey, after failing to find tonto or chief swift eagle. cruelly fought the chief's terrified squaw, to give them the information they demand. i think this is about the best break we ever got.
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what do you mean, break? the brass in washington think the indians have been staging these, don't they? now we prove it. how? you heard her say, they rode off to guard the supply train, not attack it. my orders say that all indians found off the reservation are renegades. well, swift eagle and all his braves are off the reservation right now. oh, i never thought of that. now, swift eagle, still thinks that your mean are army regulars. it'll be a cinch to arrest them. yeah. and you follow the war department's order and send them to the everglades. but they'll never reach florida. your men will shoot them when they try to escape. all nice and legal. i get it, and washington has nothing to investigate. right. we better round up the boys at the cave. they got work to do. what about her? ah, she can't do anything. come on. the next morning the l alone. he returns to the cave, where he has arranged to meet his faithful indian companion tonto. the cave is deserted of
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soldiers. the masked man sees no sign of his indian friend. ♪ ♪ easy, big fellow. easy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ what are those supplies doing here? what's it to you? they are the ones the indians never received. now get over there. hey, what are you gonna do? keep you quiet and out of the way for awhile. move.
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♪@ú@úúwithout a fire and i shot. you turned on 'em, huh? what did you do with them? i had my men take them to the cave. they'll be safe there until we get rid of them. why did you bring swift eagle here for? have you forgotten about the lone ranger? one of my men heard the chief talk about him. i figured between the two of them, we would find out where the mask man is. here they are, boss.
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they make big mistake. we not ride to attack supply train. that right, mr. lackey, we guard train. so food will come. guard it? you mean attack it. you know the army order. indians found of their reservation are to be considered renegades and deported to the florida everglades. well, indian, you think your pal the lone ranger can help you now? kimosabe, good man. him find out truth. where's the lone ranger now? why you want to know? that's our business. well, speak up. oh. now the stubborn indian. maybe this will loosen your tongue. are you gonna talk now?
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you keep out of this. you think you can beat it out of him? if i can't, i'll go to work on swift eagle. hold it, bollen. there's someone coming up the road. find out what he wants. but you and pete keep your guns in case we have to get out here quick. what about them? oh, we're just attending to official business. questioning a couple of captured renegades. hello. what are you doing to these indians? where's the agent in charge? that's me. inspector williams, bureau of indian affairs.
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now what's the meaning of this? well, we caught these indians stocking the wagon train. these men wrong inspector. we are honest indians. shut up. this is an army matter. on the contrary, it's the matter for the bureau. now , you are not using that whip anymore. i demand a full explanation. well, now just a minute inspector. it's like this you see, we... that'll keep him quiet for awhile. what did you do that for? now we'll have to get out of here fast. we'll take what we've made and call it quits. you're not getting afraid are you? we can take care of the inspector and the indians. well, i still don't like it. not with the lone ranger around, i'm getting out. while it lasted.
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too bad we have to cut it short like this. you know, lackey, i just been thinking. washington don't know nothing about me and pete here. with the two indians, the inspector and you out of that way. you wouldn't. why not? what do you say to a two way split, pete? sounds good, boss. there's your answer lackey. didn't like the sniveling coward either. say what about the men in the cave? why worry about them? after all who can trust army soldiers with money? get outside and get the
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horses. i got a little unfinished business in here. right away, boss. ♪ ♪ ♪ pete? tonto, you alright? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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what's going on here? bollen. we've been looking for you. on your feet. you're under arrest. sergeant, watch him. you too, we've been looking for you and bollen for a long time. sergeant, take charge of these deserters. now, stranger, who are you? the man who just saved our lives. inspector williams. hello, flynn, you got here just in time. this is my friend, murray. lieutenant. his company from fort mason was out looking for deserters when they met out supply train. we heard some shots as were bringing flynn's wagon up the trail. it sounded like trouble so we came on ahead. is bollen one of the men you're looking for? he certainly is. we have been looking for him an his friends for over a year. hear him say rest of men in cave, near washita. they raid supply train. not indians.
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that's right. i found some of the supply stolen from the wagon train still in the cave. bollen kill indian agent. him body inside. what? him speak truth, lieutenant. indian agent plan raid. but bollen shoot him when they go to split up money. i'm beginning to understand a few things now, lieutenant. our agent, lackey, wanted us to believe the renegade indians were raiding the supply trains. while he and bollen and his men were the real renegades. say you got here just in time. i was on my way to find you inspector. i heard some gun shots, i knew something was wrong. kimosabe, many swift eagle's braves held prisoner in cave now. bollen have his men take them to cave after they capture us. so some more of bollen's deserted friends re around here? but my troop will take care of them in a hurry. then you won't need us anymore lieutenant. we're certainly indebted to you and your indian friend here. chief swift eagle, you can tell your people from now on that
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their supplies will be sure of getting through. you have my word on that swift eagle. swift eagle and his people never forget this day. our friend tonto and tonto's good friend. come on, tonto. who did you say that masked man was? he's the lone ranger. well what do ya know, the lone ranger! hi ho, silver, away. ♪ after this brief but important message, we'll tell you about hdpp w@@ ♪ ♪ after this brief but important message, we'll tell you about hdpp w@@ ♪ ♪ after this brief but important message, we'll tell you about hdpp w@@ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪the roy rogers show ♪before today's show let's visit roy and dale's western museum and victorville, california. these great memories of hollywood and the west are part of the cowboy legend. roy's ninetieth feature film was macintosh and t.j. which he made during the 1970's after a 22 year absence from the big screen. he accepted the come back role because of the film's wholesome story line and exciting bronco busting scenes. after dozens of westerns, roy made it in hollywood, macintosh and t.j. was the first time he went to texas to film on location. and now here's roy rogers. well hi! dale, and trigger and bullet, nelly bell and pat were all a very important part of the roy rogers show. so why don't you sit back and watch us while we tame the west.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪the roy rogers show, starring roy rogers king of ♪ ♪the cowboys, trigger his golden palomino and dale evans ♪ ♪queen of the west, with pat brady his comical ♪ ♪sidekick. and roy's wonder dog, bullet ♪ hello in there? cliff? this is dale evans and roy rogers, we're coming in. what's that for? listen, cliff miller's a kentucky mountaineer and where he comes from you shout your name to prove you're visiting and not feuding. morning ms. dale. howdy roy. hi cliff. howdy cliff. you both are a mighty welcome sight. we heard your store house burned down and we brought you some supplies. that's mighty kind of you but i don't want to be
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beholden to you. out here in the west we just call it being neighborly. ain't the way roger wilson feels. he acts like he's feuding with me. he wants to buy my ranch and he don't take kindly to my refusing to sell. i wonder if roger could have started that fire? i wouldn't put it past him. come on bullet. ♪ sure is mighty nice of you folks to do this. i'll take that from you ms. dale. okay. how did the fire start cliff? i don't rightly know roy. might have been caused by some kind of fermenting in the corn, like the fire we had when grand pappy's still blew up. cause might just be the piece of misfortune that been hounding me lately. let's hope your luck gets better from now on cliff. i thank you kindly. could be cousin ziegel help break the spell. he's on his way from kentucky to stay with me. best shot in the harlan county ziek is.
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him and sudy may can bark a squirrel of hundred yard. who is sudy may? sudy may's zek's old squirrel gun. hank bout showing me the store house? maybe i can figure out what caused the fire? pleasure you sir, i'll be glad to. look after him dale. alright roy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ prescription filled. well that's alright, doc harper said he would stay with cliff till we got back.
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while we're waiting we better report to the sheriff. which reminds me, who is the new sheriff? i haven't heard but hank fisher's sure to be re-elected. yeah. roy, look! don't worry about that, it's probably just a gag some of the boy's have thought up. pat wouldn't want to be sheriff. well i should think not. me! pat brady! roy, tell this critter who i am. down bullet. what in the world's been going on in here? you two just missed a bang up party, this here place was over flowing with well wishers. showering me with presents! bill louis gave me this here caribou.. pat, do you mean to say you're the new sheriff? it can't be. surprised ya huh? just cast your eyes on
10:34 pm
this here star. pat brady sheriff martin county, that's me! thought you said this was a gag? it was, at least it started out to be. well when the voters realized my sterling qualities, they turned out in droves to elect me. and i'm going to show 'em that they're dog gone dead right. why before i'm through i'll have every owl hoot in the county locked up in these here cells. sheriff you can start right now by catching the one who gunned down cliff miller. you're durn tooting i will. huh? yes, someone just shot cliff miller and we came in to report it sheriff. already? i just been sworn in. come on sheriff we have work to do. you know this might shorten your term in office. very sorry to hear about cliff miller but i don't know why you shou i've been in town all morning with my lawyer. just got back a half hour ago. if you were in town all morning wilson, how come your horse was over at cliff's? i stopped there on the way home. wanted to talk to him about buying his ranch. but i saw
10:35 pm
doc harper's buggy there and i thought miller was sick and i didn't go in. oh. well, looks like we've been following the wrong tree, barking up the wrong trail doesn't it? oh i want you to meet my new foremen, joe slade. roy rogers and pat brady. how do you do? sheriff pat brady. here about the election? regular landslide, liable to bury you. come along sheriff. sorry to have bothered you mr. wilson.
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then. you know in his delirium he's kept muttering... roger, roger... do you suppose he wants to tell you something? he must have meant roger wilson. that's right because cliff always calls roy, roy. we better ride into town and check wilson's alibi. you took the words right out of my mind. bullet you better stay here and look after dale. if you need me, i'll be in sheriff pat brady's office. yeah, we'll be in sheriff pat brady's... hey that's me! hi! i'm looking peaceable like for cliff miller's place. does he live around these parts? straight on down that road, first house on the left, you can't miss it. much obliged. giddy up. howdy. you must be cousin ziek? revenuer.
10:39 pm
revenuer? revenuer? soon as he's able to talk. what did you find out about roger wilson? well he was with his lawyer just like he said. what do you know about wilson? nothing much, except he use to live in gainesville. gainesville huh? yeah. excuse me. hello operator. get me the sheriff in gainesville will ya please? hey stranger? i'd be obliged if you could tell me a thing. i'm looking for a man named roger. oh you must mean roy rogers? he's over at my office, you see i'm sheriff of this county. just been elected, regular landslide. won by two votes. revenuer.
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he says he never heard of a roger wilson, and nobody by that name ever lived in gainesville. well that's funny, he told me himself right in the restaurant. find out anything pat? yeah. wilson paid two thousand down on his ranch and if he doesn't keep up the payments he's liable to lose it. is that all? well what do you expect to find in the court house records? a history of his life? now if he'd been arrested we might have something but he ain't. i'm not so sure. anybody who lies about where he lives must have something to hide. maybe his real name isn't wilson. well in that case you'll have to go through every last one of them records and pictures. you better find hank fisher and see if he knows anything about wilson. i'll be dog gone if i ask that hard headed jasper anything. even if it saved me from gasping my last gasp. besides, i got to read this here report. it's mighty important. sheriff, you're reading it upside down. do you think it's easy?
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someone's gunning for the new sheriff. we better get hank fisher. who was that? that's just the fellow who dry ghost cliff. it's ziek miller. well what's he shooting at you for? that's what i would like to know. roger, that's it, roger. what do you mean? don't you remember how cliff kept muttering roger? well doctor harper told that to ziek. ziek asked me if i knew where he could find a fellow named roger, only i thought he meant you. my pal? now i'll have to explain to him that he's got the wrong man. ziek! ziek miller! i think you better explain to sudy may. she doesn's sound as though she'd listen to reason either. pat! you're the sheriff and it's your duty to get out there and talk to ziek. ah huh. he think i'm a revenuer and that's the same as just plain poison. but remember you're the sheriff.
10:42 pm
not me. i resign, here's my badge, you can be sheriff, anybody can be sheriff. i'm too young to be cut down on my pride. you wanted to be sheriff and you're going to stay sheriff, so put that badge back on. alright alowishus, i'll go. no you don't, you stick your head out there and it will be blown off. you didn't seem to care about my head. you don't use it anyway. now listen. keep opening and closing this door to attract ziek's attention. i'll go out the back way and see if i can slip up on him. ♪ ♪ roy's got him! ♪ ♪ what's going on? what's the matter with you? cn't you keep the peace around here?
10:43 pm
oh i can if i want to but right now i don't want to. so they elected a scared rabbit for a sheriff? who's a scared rabbit? why... pat! pat let go of him. ♪ ♪ oh! break it up! i'll slap the daylights... cousin cliff wasn't meaning you mr. rogers. pleasure me to know just who he did mean. that's easy he was just meaning... just talking when he was delirious. right now we can't tell who he did mean. then that leaves only you. so until i find out different, i'm giving you fair warning.
10:44 pm
why you dim witted kentucky mule. you ain't got no more sense... me and sudy may don't take kindly to being called names. especially by a revenuer. i didn't mean it. i was just fooling wasn't i roy? out here ziek, it isn't what a man says, it's how he says it. where i come from, a man speaks what's in his mind and his feelings goes into the words. just a minute ziek. let me explain. hello? yeah dale. okay! roy, dale says you can see cliff miller now. come along ziek you can find out the truth for yourself.
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i i got cousin ziek, along with ms. dale and the sheriff. what did we tell ya? looks like i make a mistake mr. rogers. and i'm admitting it free and noble. anybody can make a mistake ziek. i'll shake on that. i don't hold no truck with revenuers. cliff did you recognize who shot at you? i didn't rightly see nothing except a figure rising up out of the bushes. could it have been roger wilson? well it's like i told you, he's been wanting to buy my land and i suspect him a digging them holes up near the boundary fence. what kind of holes? oh like someone was looking for something buried and all mighty eager to find it. that might account for
10:48 pm
that map i saw on wilson's desk. it had some cross marks around the boundary line. dale will you see if you can get in touch with hank fisher and bring him over to the sheriff's office? right. he don't know nothing that i don't know. @aík4ónber. why that's wilson's new foremen. hello roy. hi hank. dale says you wanted to see me? yeah do you know of any bank robbery around here where the loot was never recovered? sure, the western bank. a couple of stick up men got about 50 thousand dollars. one of them, joe slade's doing time right now. that's how much you know about him. slade is working at wilson's ranch as foremen. alright smarty i'll call the warden and find out. just a cotton pickin' minute. who's wearing this badge? hello? give me the warden at the penitentiary. hey hank? you have any description of joe slade's partner? sure, he's done time too. hello warden? this is sheriff pat brady with martin county.
10:49 pm
yeah, have you got a fellow boarding there with you by the name of joe slade? here you are. slade's partner's name is cory windell. this is roger wilson without the mustache. okay warden i'll do as much for you someday. roy, warden says joe slade's out on parole. hey dale. hi. we just found out that slade and wilson are ex convicts. we're going to ride out to cliff's ranch and take a look at those diggings he told us about. good. me too. hold on hank, you're not coming along. get out of my way. i can handle this myself. get out of my way you... you! here, where are you going with that? this is my picture and i'm taking it home. so there. ziek you better ride with sheriff brady. glad i ain't got no kin folk here to see me riding with the revenuer.
10:50 pm
wilson must have really been it isn't buried anymore. they've got it, you can see the marks where the box was. hey, where's ziek? well he was here. where could he have gone? i'm afraid i know. drawing a beat on you through the window when i nailed him.e s you shot my cousin cliff. i didn't, he did. tie him up joe. ♪ dale, you know what to do now. yeah. ♪
10:51 pm
♪ hey wilson? it's the sheriff. hey wilson? come on out i want to talk to you. looks like he's alone. take that money out the back way while i see what the fool wants. ♪
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
okay there and if you let him go, i'll let you go. is it a bargain? okay sheriff come on in and get him. he's all yours. ♪ ♪ get him roy! ♪
10:54 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm mighty beholden to you, ms. dale. ♪ ♪ ♪ thanks ziek. well i... kind of figured that this was my fight too mr. rogers. i think you got something there. dale, will you take this money on into the bank please? we'll bring these jail birds in and put them where they belong. right roy. ♪ ♪
10:55 pm
♪ pat, get nelly belle. yeah. where are you taking them? taking them to jail. no ya ain't. not as long as me and sudy may has got anything to say about it. now if you'll just step aside mr. rogers, i won't give these varmints a chance to get away again. don't do it ziek. it would be murder. no it ain't. like the good book says, it's an eye for an eye, a tooth... for a tooth. shoot him rogers. what's that? church bells. it's sunday ziek. can't do it. just
10:56 pm
can't do it. in the good book not to kill nobody on a sunday. no sir, i ain't had two hours sleep since i took over this job. and i decided i don't want to be sheriff anymore, so i resign, i resign, i resign! now wait a minute pat. you can't resign. i came here to take back everything i said about you. why you're a real sheriff. never you mind what i am, i am giving you back your two bolts and your badge. pat, what are you doing? well shucks, i really didn't want to be sheriff. i just wanted to show these folks how this office ought to be run. why in sight of a few weeks i could have cleaned out this whole county, alone and single handed. outlaws! where?
10:57 pm
nelly belle, nelly belle come back! you coward. pat you really need a posse behind you now. how's that roy? look and see. ♪ ♪ ♪ had some close moments there didn't we? watch for us in the next roy rogers @@ ♪ ♪happy trails to you ♪until we meet again ♪happy trails to you, ♪keep smiling on till then ♪happy trails to you ♪till we meet again
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we better stop somewhere. i can't see. boy, are you stupid. and you're an obnoxious little brat. what's your name? mark. mark gordon.

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